The name of the configuration section that you use to define connection details for a statistics storage database.

You can configure HPE Answer Server to send statistics about the popularity of particular questions to an ODBC-combatible database. If you configure StatsStorage, and the appropriate connection information for the database, HPE Answer Server sends information to the database about the question equivalence classes that match questions that your users send in the Ask action text.

The database stores the popularity information. Periodically, HPE Answer Server also queries the database for information about the popularity of the question equivalence classes, and adds this information to a field in the question equivalence class. HPE Answer Server can use this field to sort question equivalence classes by popularity in the GetResources action.

You can configure how often HPE Answer Server updates the popularity field in the question equivalence classes by setting UpdatePopularityInterval. You can also configure the number of days of statistics that HPE Answer Server considers when retrieving popularity information by setting PopularityWindowDays.

The database that you configure must exist, but HPE Answer Server creates all the tables that it needs to store the statistics information.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: StatsStorage=StatsDB
See Also: UpdatePopularityInterval