The path to the Passage Extractor entity extraction file. This parameter applies only when Type is set to PassageExtractor.

The entity extraction file contains details of the components that Passage Extractor can use to extract different types of entities. This file relates the question classifications that you use to train a question classifier to the entities that you manage in Eduction Server or the Agentstore component.

If you move or rename the entity extraction JSON file, set EntityExtractionFile to the new name and location.

You can also modify the contents of the file for your system, for example if you add Agent entity files that you want Passage Extractor to use. For more information, refer to the HPE Answer Server Administration Guide.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: EntityExtractionFile=C:\AnswerServer\PassageExtractor\resources\entity_extraction.json
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