The path to the directory that contains the plain text codings files. This parameter is required for a system that has Type set to Factbank.

The coding files contain a list of entities and properties that map to a particular code. HPE Answer Server uses coding maps to ensure that equivalent forms of an entity match the same results. For example, you can map President of the United States and POTUS to the same code, so that the correct answer can be retrieved regardless of how the user specifies it in the question.

CodingsPath specifies the directory that contains the plain text (human-readable) version of the coding file. When you start HPE Answer Server, the server uses these plain text files to generate optimized .dat files to improve performance.

The directory that you specify must contain files with the following names and contents:

HPE Answer Server creates the optimized .dat files with the same base name as these files (code_to_entity.dat and so on).

For more information about how to create the coding files for your fact bank, refer to the HPE Answer Server Administration Guide.

Type: String
Required: No
Configuration Section: MySystem
Example: CodingsPath=./codings
See Also: CodingsDatPath