LuaIncompleteFact Methods

A LuaIncompleteFact object represents a parsing of the input question. This object is the input to the entry function that you use for your Lua Fact Bank (by default, the fetch function).

The LuaIncompleteFact object has at most one target element missing, which the Lua script must attempt to find information for. The LuaIncompleteFact has an entity, which is the object of the question, unless the question target is the entity itself (in which case the entity value is empty).

A LuaIncompleteFact can also have zero or more LuaIncompleteFactProperty objects, each of which can have zero or more LuaIncompleteFactQualifier objects. See LuaIncompleteFactProperty Methods and LuaIncompleteFactQualifier Methods.

If you have a LuaIncompleteFact object called incomplete, you can call its methods by using the ':' operator. For example:

Method Description
getEntity Returns an entity that you want to find facts for.
getProperties Returns the array of properties for this fact.
getTargetDepth Returns the target of this incomplete fact.
getTargetPaths Returns the target of this incomplete fact.
initToCodifiedFact Generates a returnable fact to be completed by the script.