LuaCodifiedFact Methods

A LuaCodifiedFact object is a complete fact. You initialize this fact from a LuaIncompleteFact object by using the initToCodifiedFact method (see LuaIncompleteFact Methods and initToCodifiedFact).

LuaCodifiedFact object must not have any missing elements (for example, it must have an entity value. It can also have zero or more LuaCodifiedFactProperty objects, each of which can have zero or more LuaCodifiedFactQualifier objects. See LuaCodifiedFactProperty Methods and LuaCodifiedFactQualifier Methods.

If you have a LuaCodifiedFact object called fact, you can call its methods by using the ':' operator. For example:

Method Description
setEntity Sets the entity described by this fact.
setProperties Sets the properties for this fact.
setSource Sets the source of the information for this fact.