The GetResources action allows you to retrieve information from your answer systems. You can use this action to retrieve the IDs for your resources to use in ManageResources actions.

You must specify the Type to determine the type of resources that the action returns.

The SystemName parameter allows you to return resources for a particular system. If you do not specify SystemName, HPE Answer Server returns resources that apply to all systems. Most resources are system-specific, but this you can use this option to return XSD information for the general actions, when you set Type to XSD.


This action retrieves question resources from the MyAnswerBank system. The response includes the question_id for the questions, which you can use in the ManageResources action, for example to add an answer.


Parameter Description Required
ExcludedIDs The IDs of resources that you want to exclude from the results.  
Filter A filter to use to restrict the resources that return.  
FirstResult The number of the first result to return.  
IDs The IDs of resources that you want to return.  
MaxResults The maximum number of resources to return.  
Sort The methods to use to sort the results.  
SystemName The name of the system that you want to retrieve information for.  
Type The type of resource that you want to return. Yes

This action accepts the following standard ACI action parameters.

Parameter Description
ActionID A string to use to identify an ACI action.
EncryptResponse Encrypt the output.
FileName The file to write output to.
ForceTemplateRefresh Forces the server to load the template from disk.
Output Writes output to a file.
ResponseFormat The format of the action output.
Template The template to use for the action output.
TemplateParamCSVs A list of variables to use for the specified template.


You can retrieve the full response XSD by sending the GetResources action with Type set to XSD.