Configure Media Application

You can configure the Media application by using a custom config.json file.

Set the system property to an absolute path to the location of your config.json file. For example, you can do this by using JBoss CLI:

./<JBoss dir>/ -c "/"

If you use JBoss CLI to set a system property, you do not need to restart JBoss.


The contents of the config.json file must match the JSON specification. The JSON specification does not allow comments, and strings must be enclosed with double quotation marks, not single quotation marks.

The JSON included can contain the following properties (not all properties need to exist). The following example code shows the default values if they are not set:

    "version": "11.3.0",
    "app": {
        "name": "BI for Human Information",
        "url": ""
    "search": {
        "url": "{{query | encodeURI}}"
    "player": {
        "src": "../player/plugins/mediaElement.nmf"
    "mmap": {
        "api": "../vms/api/v1"