Manage Lua Groups

You can define Lua scripts to use to monitor services themselves in the Controller configuration file; the Coordinator then displays all the scripts in the IDOL Site Admin interface. The Lua Groups page in the Discover section enables you to create groups of related Lua scripts (for eaxmple, all scripts used for error checking).

To set up a new Lua script group

  1. Type the name of the group to add, then click .

    IDOL Site Admin creates the new group and adds it to the list of existing groups.

  2. Click Add Items.
  3. In the list of available Lua scripts, select the check boxes next to the scripts that you want to add to the group.


    If there are no Lua scripts listed, add the scripts to the [LuaTasks] section of the Controller configuration file. See the Controller Reference for more information.

  4. Click Save.


    You cannot add a script to more than one group. After you add a script to a group, a label is shown next to the script indicating the group that it belongs to. Click x to remove the script from the group.

You can filter the list of available Lua scripts to show only those scripts that belong to a particular group.

To filter the list of scripts

To rename a Lua script group

  1. In the group list, click next to the group that you want to rename.

    The Rename Group dialog box opens.

  2. Type the new name for the group, then click Rename Group.

    IDOL Site Admin renames the group and updates the group list.

To delete a Lua script group

  1. In the group list, click next to the group that you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog box opens.

  2. Click Delete Group.

    IDOL Site Admin deletes the group and removes it from the groups list.