Schedule Actions

The Scheduler page in the Monitor section of IDOL Site Admin allows you to set up schedules to send specific actions (such as connector fetch tasks, or regular maintenance tasks) to a service at regular intervals.

The AddSchedule, EditSchedule, GetSchedules, PauseSchedule, RemoveSchedule, and ResumeSchedule actions perform these tasks. For information about these actions, see the Controller Reference.

To set up a schedule

  1. Click New Schedule.

    The Add New Schedule dialog box opens.

  2. Type a name for your schedule.
  3. In the Host list, click the service for which you want to schedule the action.
  4. Click an option to choose the type of action that you want to schedule. You can schedule ACI actions or Index actions.
  5. In the Schedule Command field, type the action that you want to schedule.
  6. If you want to add parameters to your scheduled action, click Add Parameter, then enter the parameter name and value. You can add as many parameters as you need. To remove a parameter, click - next to the parameter.
  7. Click Next.
  8. Click , then use the calendar and date sliders to choose the date and time at which the schedule should start to run. If you want to start your schedule from the current date and time, click Now.
  9. Click Done.
  10. In the Recurrence box, type or select the amount of time that must pass after a schedule has run before it runs again. You can set up schedules to run hourly, daily, or weekly.
  11. In the Repeat Count field, specify the number of times to run the scheduled action. If you choose Run forever or until Schedule end, you can click a date in the End list, then use the calendar to select the end date for the schedule in the same way as in step 8.
  12. Click Next to review a summary of the schedule details.
  13. Click Finish. IDOL Site Admin adds your new schedule to the list.

The Scheduler page displays the following information for each schedule.

Schedule name The name of the schedule.
Host The host name of the service to run the schedule on.
Port The port to run the schedule on.
Scheduled command The action to schedule, including any additional parameters.
Start The date and time to start the schedule.
Interval The amount of time that must pass after a schedule has run before it runs again.
Repeat Count The number of times to run the schedule.
Finish The date and time to stop the schedule.
Next execution The date and time that the schedule is next due to run.
Schedule Control You can use the icons in the Schedule Control section to start, stop, edit, or delete schedules. This column also includes details of the status of the schedule (for example, running or paused).

To search the list, type some text in the search box. The list of schedules refreshes to show only schedules that match the text that you entered. Click the arrows beside a column name to order the table by the values in that column. Click the arrows again to change the order from ascending to descending value, or from descending to ascending value.

To edit a schedule

  1. Click next to the schedule that you want to edit.

    The Edit Schedule dialog box opens.

  2. Edit your schedule details.


    You can edit any of the settings except for the host details and schedule name.

  3. Click Finish.

    IDOL Site Admin updates the schedule with your new settings.

To delete a schedule

  1. Click X next to the schedule that you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog box opens.

  2. Click Delete.

    IDOL Site Admin deletes the schedule and removes it from the list.