Install HPE IDOL Site Admin Using the Interactive Installer (Recommended)

Use the following procedure to install HPE IDOL Site Admin on Windows or Linux by using the interactive installer.


The interactive installer requires .NET Framework 2.0.

To install HPE IDOL Site Admin

HPE IDOL Site Admin is installed at the location you specify. HPE IDOL Site Admin is available on your machine as a service named HPESiteAdmin, which you can start and stop from command line or the Windows services manager.


By default, the installer stores the HPE IDOL Site Admin home directory in the ProgramData folder, which might be hidden by default in Windows.

Before you start HPE IDOL Site Admin, ensure that you have set up the required user roles in HPE IDOL Community. A user must be a member of one of these roles to log into HPE IDOL Site Admin. See User Roles for more information.

Start HPE IDOL Site Admin and follow the steps in Configure HPE IDOL Site Admin to complete the installation.