Discover Services Page

A service is an HPE IDOL component that is installed on a host with an HPE Controller server. After you add an HPE Controller server to a cluster (see Discover Hosts for more information), you can use the Discover Services page to register individual services with HPE IDOL Site Admin for monitoring purposes.

To register a service

  1. From the Registered Controllers list, select the host that you want to scan for services.
  2. Enter a directory path on the host and click the magnifying glass to scan for services. Alternatively, if the host is running Windows and the HPE IDOL components are installed as services, click Windows Services to scan for services.


    If your servers have components installed across more than one drive, you can specify multiple paths to use for service discovery rather than having to manually modify the path each time. Click + to add as many Lookup path fields as you need, then specify the directory paths. When you click the magnifying glass, HPE IDOL Site Admin scans all the paths.

  3. HPE IDOL Site Admin lists discovered services in the central panel. Click the green arrow next to a discovered service or drag the service to the Registered column to add the service to HPE IDOL Site Admin for monitoring.

To unregister a service

After you register a service, you can click Groups to go to the Discover Groups page, where you can assign that service to a group or groups. See Work With Groups for more information.

You can also click to add a descriptive name and notes to the service.

By default, HPE IDOL Site Admin controls services by starting and stopping the process directly. Alternatively, you can specify an init script to use.

To specify an init script to use

  1. Click next to a service. The Edit Service Control Method dialog box opens.
  2. Click Script, then type the init script path and name.
  3. Click Edit.