Monitor System Notifications

The HPE Controller server regularly runs Lua scripts to monitor services. You can view the results of this monitoring, along with general status information for your services, on the System Notifications page in HPE IDOL Site Admin.

By default, the System Notifications page shows details for all services. You can filter the list to show only services where monitoring was successful, or only services where monitoring resulted in an error or warning.

To filter the System Notifications page

After you filter the list, you can click Severity to switch between the full display and the filtered display.

You can also click an item in the Host, Service Group, or Lua Group lists to display only notifications for a particular host or group.

The System Notifications page shows the following information for each service.


The name of the host that runs the service.


The name of the service.

Service Group

The name of any groups that the service belongs to. Click to go to the Groups page, where you can edit group information for the service.

Script Name

The name of the Lua script that the HPE Controller server runs to monitor the service.
Lua Group The group that the script used to monitor the service belongs to. Click to go to the Lua Groups page and edit Lua group details.
See Manage Lua Groups for more information.


The status of the service, including the time it was last monitored and whether the monitoring was successful or resulted in an error or warning.


Click to view a full status history for the service.

Click to run a script again to see if a change that you have made has resolved any errors, without having to wait until the next scheduled cycle of tests.