View Errors, Warnings, and Recent Tasks

An information bar at the bottom of the window displays counts for tasks, errors, and warnings.

Information bar

Click the arrow on the left side of the bar to open a pane in the lower section of the window. This pane displays more information on any tasks, errors, or warnings. Click Recent Tasks or Alerts to move between the sections.

Alerts panel

Click a link in the Errors or Warnings section to go to the relevant page in the user interface.

If an entry in your Recent Tasks lists relates to an HPE IDOL action (for example, Sync or Backup), you can click the name of the action in the task list to view it in the form in which it was submitted to HPE IDOL.

Recent Tasks: view action


You can also view information on errors, warnings, and recent tasks from the HPE IDOL Site Admin Dashboard page. You can also view information about previous tasks on the Task History page, which is available from the Settings link in the main navigation.

Sometimes the IndexerGetStatus action can no longer track a task, either because the service is unregistered (and therefore cannot be queried by HPE Coordinator), or because you have used the DREINITIAL index action and the index ID numbers have changed. The message This command can no longer be tracked is displayed for these tasks in Recent Tasks and Task History.