Use the Zip Package

The zip package contains a .jar file, and an install directory that contains the individual installation files.

To install IDOL Data Admin on Ubuntu Linux

  1. Ensure that all the software listed in External Requirements is installed, running, and available.
  2. Create a user and group to run IDOL Data Admin as. HPE recommends that you use dataadmin as both the user name and the group name:

    $ useradd dataadmin

  3. Create a directory in which to install IDOL Data Admin. HPE recommends that you use /opt/dataadmin as the installation directory.

    $ mkdir /opt/dataadmin

  4. Create a directory to serve as the home directory for IDOL Data Admin. HPE recommends that you use /opt/dataadmin/home as the home directory.

    $ mkdir /opt/dataadmin/home

  5. Copy the IDOL Data Admin dataadmin.jar file into the installation directory:

    $ cp dataadmin.jar /opt/dataadmin/

  6. Recursively change the ownership of the installation directory:

    $ chown -R dataadmin:dataadmin /opt/dataadmin

  7. Deploy the startup script.

  8. If you have used any non-default paths and so on during installation, edit the startup script to contain the values that you used.

  9. Start the application.

To install IDOL Data Admin Installation Guide as a Windows Service

  1. Download a copy of the Windows service wrapper from, and change the name of the winsw.exe executable file to dataadmin.exe.
  2. The install directory in the IDOL Data Admin installation zip package includes a Windows folder. This folder contains a winsw folder, which in turn contains a dataadmin.xml file. Move the dataadmin.exe file into this folder.
  3. Ensure that the IDOL Data Admin home directory and port are correctly configured in the dataadmin.xml configuration file. You must also ensure that dataadmin.exe, dataadmin.xml, and dataadmin.war are all in the same directory.
  4. Run the following command from the Windows command line to install IDOL Data Admin as a service:

    dataadmin.exe install


You can also use the following commands with dataadmin.exe:

For more information, see

Before you start IDOL Data Admin, follow the steps in Configure IDOL Data Admin, and ensure that you have set up the required user roles in IDOL Community. A user must be a member of one of these roles to log into IDOL Data Admin. See User Roles for more information.