IDOL Data Admin Home Directory

You must specify the IDOL Data Admin home directory as a Java system property, either in a startup script or within the appropriate application server configuration, depending on how the application is being deployed.

The home directory contains the IDOL Data Admin configuration file (config.json). If this file is not found, IDOL Data Admin generates a default configuration file when the application starts.

You can edit the configuration file either from the Settings page in the application (recommended), or manually in a text editor. If you manually edit the file, you must restart IDOL Data Admin for any configuration changes to take effect.

By default, the home directory also contains the IDOL Data Admin log file (dataadmin.log). This file records details of application events (for example, sending statistics updates to connected clients), login events (for example, when a specific user logs in successfully), and user actions (for example, when a specific user deletes a promotion). It also records application error messages where applicable.

You can change the log file location by setting the new path on the Java run command. See Configure the Log File Locations.


If you ever need to contact HPE Technical Support, include a zip of this log file when you send your query to make it easier for Support to diagnose your problem.