Configure View Server

IDOL View Server converts original documents into HTML format for viewing in a Web browser. It can also highlight search terms in the document, when displaying a search results. IDOL Data Admin uses IDOL View Server to create the document previews in searches.

There are two viewing modes. The appropriate one to use depends on how you index your documents:


If a document does not have the required reference field or connector group and identifier, IDOL Data Admin renders the title and document content from the Content index in the document previews. In this case, it uses the DRETITLE and DRECONTENT document fields to populate the title and content, respectively.

Users with the Administrator role can use the Settings pages to configure the IDOL View Server.

To configure IDOL View Server

  1. In the toolbar on the top right of the page, click .

  2. In the list, click Settings.

    The Settings page opens.

  3. Find the View section, and specify the host and ACI port of your IDOL View Server.

  4. From the Viewing Mode list, select the mode to use. Depending on the mode that you use, further options are required:

  5. Click Save Changes.