Configure Answer Server

The IDOL Data Admin Answer Bank allows you to set up and maintain a store of reference questions and answers in Answer Server.

IDOL Answer Server provides several systems for natural language question answering. The Answer Bank system allows you to create and maintain a dynamic FAQ. When a user asks a question, Answer Server attempts to match it to any existing questions in the Answer Bank store, and provides the appropriate stored answer.

The Answer Server configuration can contain multiple systems, each of which retrieves answers from a different source. You must configure IDOL Data Admin to connect to the appropriate Answer Bank system.

Users with the Administrator role can use the Settings pages to configure the Answer Server system.

To configure Answer Server

  1. In the toolbar on the top right of the page, click .
  2. In the list, click Settings.

    The Settings page opens.

  3. In the Answer Server section, select the appropriate Answer Bank system from the list.
  4. Click Save Changes.