Configure the Java Heap Size

You can configure the Java heap size for HPE IDOL Data Admin by setting the size in the Java run command.

To configure the Java heap size

  1. At the command line, send the java run command with the Xmx"[HeapSize]"m argument set. For example:

    java -Xmx2048m -Dhpe.dataadmin.home=[home directory] -Dserver.port=[port] -jar dataadmin.war

    The default value is 1024.

  2. Restart HPE IDOL Data Admin to apply your configuration changes.

If you run HPE IDOL Data Admin as a service on Windows, you can also add the Xmx property to the dataadmin.xml file.

If you run HPE IDOL Data Admin as a service on Linux, you can modify the JAVA_MAX_HEAP_SIZE variable in the start scripts ( for SystemV, or dataadmin.conf for Upstart).