Configure HPE Statistics Server

HPE IDOL Data Admin uses HPE Statistics Server to store statistics for Search Optimizer. Use the following procedures to configure HPE Statistics Server and send statistics to the server.


The install folder is located in the installation zip package.

To configure HPE Statistics Server

  1. Open install/statsserver/cfg/statsserver-required-config.cfg. This file contains the statistics definitions that the HPE Statistics Server requires. Copy the definitions from statsserver-required-config.cfg to your HPE Statistics Server configuration file.


    If you want to include extra statistics definitions that are not included in statsserver-required-config.cfg, those extra statistics must have an HPE IDOL name in order for the server to start.

  2. Restart HPE Statistics Server.

For information on how to send statistics to HPE Statistics Server, see the HPE Query Manipulation Server Administration Guide. For your convenience, a modified version of the Perl script described in the HPE Query Manipulation Server Administration Guide is included in install/statsserver/script/