Manage IDOL Speech Server Language Packs

(Applies to the IDOL Speech Server component.)

The Languages page in the Control menu allows you to load or unload IDOL Speech Server language packs. You can also load optional custom language models and weightings more suited to your interests (for example, business Italian, or medical Spanish), so that you can bias IDOL Speech Server audio processing towards specific terms.

The LoadLanguage, UnloadLanguage and ListCustomLm actions perform these tasks. For more information, see the IDOL Speech Server Reference and the IDOL Speech Server Administration Guide.

By default, IDOL Speech Server automatically loads and unloads language packs; however, you can override automatic loading and unloading of language packs and perform these tasks manually. The Languages page displays the number of automatically and manually loaded language resources, as well as the maximum number of language packs that you can load simultaneously, as specified by the MaxLanguageResources configuration parameter.

The page displays the following information about each language pack.

Name The language pack code.
Language The language that the language pack can process.
Custom Language Modules Any custom language models defined for the language pack.
Loaded Manually Whether you have loaded the language pack manually. Click Load to manually load an available language pack, or Unload to unload a previously loaded language pack. You can monitor the progress of the task in the Recent Tasks panel.

To load a new language resource

  1. Click Load New Language. The Load New Language dialog box opens.
  2. In the Language Pack list, click the language pack that you want to load.
  3. Click Load. IDOL Admin loads the language pack and any custom language models that you selected, and adds it to the list on the Languages page.