View Seats In Use

The Seats tab displays information about the individual seats that are licensed for each component. The LicenseInfo action returns this information. For more information, see the License Server Administration Guide.

The following information is available for each seat.

Component The name of the component that is using the seat.
IP The IP address of the machine that the component is running on.
MAC Address The media access control address of the machine that the component is running on.
Host Name The host name of the machine that the component is running on.
Service Port The port by which you send service actions to the component.
Issued The date and time that the seat was issued.
UID The user identifier.
Licensed Documents The number of licensed documents used by the seat.

Choose an item from the list at the top of the page to filter the page by product, or type a search term into the box in the right-hand corner of the page to display only seats that match your search terms.

You can revoke a licensed component from the Seats tab. The AdminRevokeLicense action revokes the license. For more information on this action, see the License Server Reference.

To revoke a license

  1. Click the garbage can next to the component whose license you want to revoke.

    The Revoke License dialog box opens.

  2. Click Revoke License to revoke the license and free up the seat that the component was using. If a component is running when you revoke the license, it will stop.

You can view the progress of the action in the Recent Tasks panel.