Validate Content Subindexes

(Applies to Content and Agentstore components, DIH, and IDOL Proxy)

You can use the Validate option to check that the Content subindexes are correctly populated, and to record any validation issues in the application log. For more information on log streams, see View Logs.

To validate the Content subindexes

  1. On the Service Control tab of the Console page, click Validate.

    The Validate dialog box opens.

  2. Select the check boxes next to the subindexes that you want to validate.
  3. If you want to fail validation as soon as an error is found, select the Fail validation immediately check box.
  4. Select the Index Action Priority, which determines how the action is queued. 
  5. Click Validate.

You can use the Recent Tasks panel to monitor the progress of the validation. See IDOL Admin Structure for more information.