Search for Document Updates

(Available for IDOL connectors.)

The Synchronize button on the Overview tab in the Status page enables you to search a repository for document updates. The connector sends the updates to an Ingestion module, such as Connector Framework Server. You can specify individual task sections in the connector configuration file to use to perform actions, or you can fetch documents from all task sections. In addition, you can specify a Lua script or scripts to process the information that is extracted, and convert it to the correct format, or add metadata to the documents.

You can also specify a custom configuration file if you want to override parameters in the main configuration file.

The Synchronize fetch action and the TaskSections and IngestActions parameters perform this task. For information about this action, see the Connector Framework Server Reference.

To retrieve document updates

  1. Click Synchronize.

    The Synchronize dialog box opens.

  2. Specify the task section or sections in the configuration file to use to perform the fetch task. To specify particular task sections, type the name of the section, then click +. Click - next to a section name to delete it.
  3. Specify ingest actions to perform on the documents.

    1. Click Add Ingest Action.
    2. Click Meta in the Ingest Actions list to add metadata to fetched documents.Type the name for the metadata field to add, and the field value.

      Click Lua in the Ingest Actions list to specify a Lua script to run on the documents. Type the path to the Lua script.

    3. Repeat steps a and b for all the ingest actions you want to run. Click or to change the order in which to perform the actions, or click X to delete a row.
  4. If you want to use a custom configuration file, select the check box, then type the configuration details in the box.
  5. Click Create.

    IDOL Admin runs the fetch task. You can view the task progress in the Recent Tasks pane.