Replace Field Values in Indexed Documents

(Available for IDOL Content and IDOL Agentstore components, DIH, and IDOL Proxy.)

In the Replace tab, you can use the wizard to change field values or delete fields from indexed documents. This functionality is hidden by default; click Show me - I know what I’m doing if you want to view it. If the feature is visible and you do not want to view it, click Hide it .


You cannot recover your original data after you have replaced or deleted values from indexed documents.

The Replace tab corresponds to the DREREPLACE action. For information about this action, see the IDOL Server Reference.

To replace or delete field values in indexed documents

  1. On the Choose Data page, click an option to specify the fields to replace or delete:

    1. Introduce some data that defines the fields and values to replace or delete. Copy and paste in text that specifies:

      1. the documents in which to delete or replace the field values
      2. the values to substitute, or whether to delete the field
      3. #DREENDDATANOOP to mark the end of the index action parameters
    2. UTF-8 encoded local file containing DREREPLACE parameters. Click Choose Files to browse to a file that already specifies the preceding information.
  2. Click Next. The Choose Database page opens.
  3. Select one or more databases in which to change the data. To select more than one database, hold down CTRL and click each database.
  4. Click Next. The Set Priority page opens.
  5. Select a value for the Index Action Priority, which determines how IDOL Server queues the action.
  6. Click Next. The Summary page opens, displaying the action that will be sent to the server. The action is automatically constructed as you complete the wizard. It is shown for reference only; you cannot edit the action directly.
  7. Click Replace.

IDOL Server performs the replace action on the specified documents. The changes are not visible in index searches until the index cache is flushed to disk. Click Sync to flush the index cache.

If you need to edit any of your settings, you can click Previous to move back through the pages of the wizard, or click Reset to clear all settings and start again from the beginning.