Query the Server

In the Test Action tab, you can send queries to the server.

The default query depends on the ACI server or component. The IDOL Content and IDOL Agentstore components, IDOL Proxy, and DAH query the data index using the Query action. Other ACI servers and components send a GetStatus query to return general information about the server, such as the version number, build number, and ports. For information about the Query and GetStatus actions, see the IDOL Server Reference.

You can enter a query directly in the Query box, or you can click the down arrow next to the query box to use the Query Builder to enter your terms.

The query action is automatically constructed as you complete the Query Builder fields; similarly, if you edit the text in the Query box itself, those changes are reflected in the Query Builder.

To enter a query using the Query Builder

  1. Click Add new parameter. IDOL Admin adds a new parameter to the list, in the form of a key/value pair.

  2. Click a link in the Key column to edit the parameter name.

  3. Click to confirm your changes and update the parameter name in the search box.

  4. Click a link in the Value column to specify the parameter value.

  5. Click to confirm your changes and update the parameter value in the search box.

  6. Click in the Disable column to remove a parameter from your query if required.

  7. Repeat Steps 1 to 5 for all the parameters you wish to add to your query.

Click Test Action to send the query action to IDOL Server and view the query results.

Click Query Speed Analysis to go to the Query Speed Analysis tab in the Performance page, where you can view information about the query speed. For more information about query speed analysis, see Analyze Query Speed.

For information about the query results that are returned, see Query Results.