Index Data

(Available for the IDOL Content and IDOL Agentstore components, DIH, and IDOL Proxy.)

In the Index tab, you can use the wizard to submit data for IDOL Server to index. This is equivalent to sending the DREADD or DREADDDATA actions. For information about these actions, see the IDOL Server Reference.

To index data

  1. On the Choose Data page, click an option to specify the data to index:

  2. Click Next. The Choose Database page opens.
  3. Choose the database that you want to index your data to. By default, IDOL Admin reads the destination database from the document, but you can click Select the database from the list, then click the arrow and choose the database that you want to index your data to from the list.
  4. Click Next. The Kill Duplicates page opens.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Click Next. The Summary page opens, displaying the action that will be sent to the server. The action is automatically constructed as you complete the wizard. It is shown for reference only; you cannot edit the action directly.

  7. Select the priority for indexing, which determines how the action is queued, then click Index to send the action and index the data. After the data is sent to IDOL Server, you can click Sync to manually flush the index cache to disk, which makes the data searchable.

If you need to edit any of your settings, you can click Previous to move back through the pages of the wizard, or click Reset to clear all settings and start again from the beginning.