Administer the Category Queue

(Applies to the IDOL Category component.)

The Category Queue page in the Control menu shows a list of all scheduled Category jobs that are queued, in progress, or that have failed, and allows you either to run a single copy of a job immediately, or to delete failed tasks.

The ClusterQueue, ExecuteSchedule, and ScheduleDelete commands return this information. For more information about these actions, see the IDOL Server Reference.

The table displays the following information about each job in the queue.

ID The ID number of the job.
Action The action that the job must run (for example, ClusterSnapshot or TaxonomyGenerate).
Target Job Name Where applicable, the name for the cluster information generated by the job.
Status The status of the job (for example, Queued or No results).
Due The time that the job was due to complete.
Cycles The number of times that the job was specified to run.
Repeat The time that must elapse after the action runs, before it must run again.

Click Refresh to reload the Category queue. You can also type some text in the search box to filter the list to only jobs that contain what you have typed.

To schedule a single copy of a job to run immediately

  1. Click Schedule Immediately icon next to the task that you want to run.

    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  2. Click Schedule Immediately.

To delete a job

  1. Click Delete Job icon next to the task that you want to delete.

    A confirmation dialog box appears.

  2. Click Delete Job.