View the Index Queue

(Available for the IDOL Content and IDOL Agentstore components, DIH, and IDOL Proxy.)

The Indexer Status page in the Monitor menu displays the current queue of indexing jobs. The IndexerGetStatus action returns this information. For more information about this action, see the IDOL Server Reference.

Click Refresh to re-load the index queue. If you enable autorefresh or are watching index tasks in the Recent Tasks pane, the page refreshes automatically.

You can choose Flush and Pause to pause indexing and flush the index cache to disk.

Click next to a job to add it to your Recent Tasks list, or click to remove it from your Recent Tasks list. Click [X] to cancel a job.

You can control which index actions and statuses are displayed by using the Edit Filters option.

To use the Edit Filters option

  1. Click the Edit Filters button.

    The Filter by Job Status or Index Action dialog box opens. This dialog box enables you to specify index jobs based on status or action type.

  2. Select or clear the check boxes next to individual index actions or statuses. Alternatively, you can click the options at the top of the box to automatically select the relevant actions and statuses.

  3. In the Max Results box, type the number of index jobs to display.

  4. Click OK to save your selections.

You can display only the index jobs received during a particular time period by using the View jobs received in last list.

To display index jobs from a particular time period

  1. In the View jobs received in last list, click a time period.

  2. If Auto-Refresh is disabled, click Refresh to update the index queue.

The table displays the following information about each job in the index queue.

ID The ID number of the index action.
Origin IP The IP address of the machine that sent the index action to IDOL Server.
Received The date and time that IDOL Server received the action.
Started The date and time that IDOL Server started processing the index action.
Ended The date and time that IDOL Server finished processing the index action.
Duration The total amount of time that IDOL spent processing the index action.
Percentage Processed The percentage of progress on the index job.
Documents Processed The number of documents that IDOL Server processed during the indexing job.
Documents Deleted The number of documents deleted during the indexing progress.
Status The status code of the current status of the index action in the IDOL Server index queue.
Index Command The index action for the index job. In the case of DRECOMPACT index actions, you can click to view a breakdown of the different stages of compaction.

You can specify the priority to give to individual actions.

To set the priority for actions

  1. Click .

    The Set Priority dialog box opens.

  2. Click a new priority value. If you choose Custom, type a value between 0 and 100.

  3. Click OK to set the new priority value.

You can display only the index jobs received during a particular time period by using the View jobs received in last list.

From this page, you can also choose the following tasks: