Monitor Queued Asynchronous Actions

(Available for IDOL Content, IDOL Media Server, IDOL Speech Server, CFS, and IDOL Agentstore components, and Distributed Connector and HTTP Connector.)

The Asynchronous Queues page in the Monitor menu allows you to view details of the asynchronous actions that the server is processing, view the results of those actions, and cancel actions. The QueueInfo action returns this information. For information about this action, see the IDOL Server Reference.

If multiple queues are available, click the queue that you want to view in the Queue Name list.


You can click the link in the Status column of an entry for an asynchronous action in the Recent Tasks pane to go directly to the Asynchronous Queues page and monitor the progress of that task.

You can temporarily stop processing the queue by clicking Pause Processing at the top of the page. Click Resume Processing to start processing the queue again.

You can use the Previous and Next links and the page links at the bottom of the page to navigate the list. To change the number of records displayed on each page, click a number in the Records list.


If an action that you added is not shown on the Asynchronous Queues page, click Refresh to update the page.

The Asynchronous Queues page displays the following information for each action in the queue.

Queued Time The time that the action was added to the queue.
Process Start Time The time that the server started to process the action.
Process End Time For completed actions, the time that processing finished.
Time in Queue The time that the action has been in the queue.
Time Processing The time spent processing the action.
Fetch Action For the Distributed Connector and HTTP Connector components, the connector action to run.
Task Sections The task section in the configuration file to run the connector action on.
Document Counts Statistical information on the documents processed by the connector action.
Action Parameters

Any parameters assigned to the action.


This information is available only for actions that are still in the queue.

Status The status of the action, for example, Queued or Finished.
Priority The priority assigned to a queued action.

A token that allows you to retrieve the results of the action.

Results Click next to a completed action to view the results.

You can edit the columns to display.

To edit the columns to display

  1. Click the Columns button.

    The Choose Columns dialog box opens.

  2. Select or clear the check boxes next to individual columns.

  3. Click Apply to save your selections and display only the columns you selected in the Asynchronous Queues page.

You can cancel any unnecessary pending actions in the queue.

To cancel an action

  1. Click next to the action that you want to cancel.

    The Cancel Asynchronous Action dialog box opens.

  2. Click Cancel Action to cancel the action and remove it from the Asynchronous Queues page.

To retrieve the results of a specific action

  1. In the Enter a token... box, type the token for the action that you want to retrieve results for.

  2. Click Token Search.

    The ASYNC Action Details dialog box opens, showing the action results for that token.

To assign a priority to a queued action

  1. In the Controls column for the action that you want to prioritize, click .

    The Change Action Priority dialog box opens.

  2. In the Priority field, enter a priority for the action.

  3. Click Set Priority.

    IDOL Admin prioritizes the action and runs the actions in the queue in the order that you specified.