View User Details

Select a user from the list to display their details. IDOL Admin displays the following information.

User Details

Locked Whether the user account is locked.
Number of Agents The number of agents that the user has.
Last Time Logged In The last time that the user logged into IDOL.

User Roles

IDOL Admin displays the roles that are assigned to the user. To delete a role for the user, click X beside the role. You can add create new roles and add roles to a user on the Roles page. For more information about the Roles page, see Manage IDOL Roles.

User Agents

IDOL Admin displays the agents for a user. Agents automatically finds documents for you that match your interests. You can add agents through the interface.

To add an agent

  1. Select a user to add an agent to.

  2. Click Add Agent.

    The Add User dialog box opens.

  3. Type the agent name. For example, Global Warming.

  4. In the Training box, type a summary of the concept that you want the agent to return documents about. For example, to find documents about global warming, you could specify Factors affecting global warming.

  5. Click Save Changes.

    The agent appears in the agent list.

To run the agent, click Get Results. IDOL Admin sends a query based on the agent and returns documents that are conceptually relevant.

To delete an agent, click X beside it.

IDOL Admin automatically displays any similar agents belonging to other users. Clicking on the user that the similar agent belongs to displays the user’s details.

User Profiles

IDOL Admin displays the profiles associated with a user. IDOL server creates interest profiles of users by analyzing the content that they view, and creates expertise profiles by analyzing the content that they create.

IDOL Admin also displays similar profiles to the user’s. Clicking on the user that the similar profile belongs to displays the user’s details.

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