View Database Information

The GetStatus action returns the database information. For more information about this action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

The Databases page displays the following information for each database.

Name The name of the database.
Documents The number of documents stored in the database.
Sections The number of document sections stored in the database.
Internal Whether the database is internal, and therefore hidden.
Read Only Whether the database is read-only.
Expiry Hours The expiry time (in hours) for documents in the database.
Expiry Action The expiry action to perform when documents expire from the database.

To sort the table in ascending or descending order by a particular field, click the arrows beside the column name.

The pie chart displays the distribution of documents and document sections between the databases. Hover over each segment in the pie chart to display the database name, along with the number of documents and document sections that it contains. You can also click Show Legend to display a key to the pie chart.

To update the database information, click Refresh.

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