Query Results

This section describes the information returned by queries sent from the IDOL Admin interface.

GetStatus Queries

The information returned by the GetStatus query depends on the ACI server or component. For details, refer to the GetStatus action in the appropriate ACI server Reference.

Index Queries

The query returns the following information about documents in the data index that match the search criteria.

Reference The document reference. If the reference is a URL, clicking it opens the document in your Web browser.
ID The ID of the result document.
Section The section of the document.
Database The database that contains the result document.
Weight The percentage relevance that the document has to the query.
Links The terms in the query text that match in the result document.
Title The title of the result document.
Content The text content of the document, displaying the field breakdown.

Click Delete these documents to delete the returned documents from the data index.

You can view the results in XML format by clicking Options. This opens the Edit query result dialog box, which displays the XML in either raw or indented format. In the indented view, you can hide or expand sections of the XML by clicking the arrow heads beside the XML tags.

In the Edit query result dialog box, click Delete to delete the documents. Change the Priority value to change the position of the delete action in the queue.

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