Index Data

(Available for the Content and Agentstore components, and IDOL Proxy.)

In the Index tab, you can submit data for IDOL Server to index. This is equivalent to sending the DREADD or DREADDDATA actions. For information about these actions, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

To index data

  1. Specify the data to index using one of the following methods:
  2. From the Default Database list, select a database to store the indexed data in.

    IDOL Admin automatically updates the Resulting Index Action field to reflect your specified indexing options. This is the action that is sent to IDOL Server.

  3. You can select the Index Action Priority, which determines how the action is queued.
  4. Click Index to send the index action.

After the data is sent to IDOL Server, you can click Sync to manually flush the index cache to disk, which makes the data searchable.

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