Flush the Index Cache to Disk

(Applies to Content and Agentstore components, and IDOL Proxy)

The indexing process works in two stages:

  1. IDOL server creates a representation of the new data in the index cache.
  2. IDOL server synchronizes the cache with data that it currently contains, and stores the new data on disk, removing it from the index cache.

IDOL server can be set up to automatically store index data on disk every time it finishes indexing an IDX or XML file, or to delay synchronization until the index cache is full or after a specified duration. The DelayedSync parameter sets the delayed synchronization, and is enabled by default.

When delayed synchronization is enabled, you can flush the index cache to disk on demand using the Sync function in IDOL Admin. This function uses the DRESYNC action. For more information about this action and the DelayedSync parameter, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

To flush the index cache to disk

  1. In the Service Control tab in the Console page, click Sync.

    A confirmation message appears.

  2. Click Sync.
Index performance might be affected while the DRESYNC action is running.

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