Back Up Your Data Index

(Available for the Content and Agentstore components, and IDOL Proxy.)

In the Backup/Restore tab in the Console page, you can save a copy of all data index *.DB files to a specified directory.

The DREBACKUP action performs the data index backup. For information about this action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

To back up your data index
  1. In the Backup Location box, type the file path of the location to copy the data index files to.

  2. To name the backup directory based on a specific host and port combination, select Include hostname and port in the directory path. This enables you to restore a series of child servers under a DIH from their own backups.

    The Backup Index Action field displays the action that it sends to IDOL Server. The backup index action is automatically constructed as you complete the fields. It is shown for reference only; you cannot edit the action directly.

  3. In Index Action Priority, select a priority for the action. This determines how the action is queued by IDOL Server.
  4. Click Backup All Content to send the action.

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