Request Log

The Request log stream contains all requests to IDOL Server. The GRL action returns this information. For information about the GRL action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

By default, the Request log stream displays the following information.

Date and Time The date and time that IDOL Server received the request.
Thread The internal thread handling the action.
Client The IP address that made the request.
Status The current status of the action.
Duration(s) The period of time taken for processing the action.
Request The received request.

Select the number of log entries to display from the View last [number] log entries list.

You can view the results of an action from the Request Log page, and you can perform query speed analysis on query actions.

To view the results of an action

To analyze query speed

You can control which columns are displayed, and sort the log entries by a particular column value.

To control which columns are displayed

  1. Click the Edit Columns button.

    The Edit Request Log Columns dialog box opens.

  2. Select or clear the check boxes next to the columns you want to display or hide.

  3. Click OK to return to the Request Log page with only the columns you selected visible.

To sort the log entries by a particular column value

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