View Logs

The Logs page in the Monitor section displays the Request log (see Request Log) and any other log streams that are enabled. For more information about the available log streams, refer to IDOL Server Administration Guide.

The GetLogStream action returns these log streams. For information about this action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

To select a log stream to display

When you select a log stream, it is generated in the user interface.

To update the log stream at any point

Note: You can refresh only the current log file for each log stream. If you are viewing a previous log file (the log name is appended with a date), then the refresh options are unavailable.

To search within the displayed log stream

Warning or error entries in the log streams are written in orange text. The number of warning and error messages in a log stream is displayed beside its tab name. Hover over the number to open either a Warnings in [logstream] window or an Errors in [logstream] window, containing links to the relevant entries in the log stream.

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