Monitor Field Types in the Data Index

(Available for the Content and Agentstore components.)

The Field Types page in the Monitor menu provides information about the indexing fields that are defined for the documents in the data index. The GetTagNames action returns this information. For more information about this action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

Switch between Types and Fields to display the information by either field types or field codes. Unused field types are also listed separately.

Field Types
Base field codes The number of distinct field names in IDOL Server.
Total field codes The total number of field codes.
Types or Fields

The field type.

Ordinary fields are classified as Undefined or Default fields.

Field names The name of the individual field.
Total The total number of fields of the specified field type.
Field code The ID for an individual field.
Unused Types
Unused Types Configured field types that are not used by documents in the data index.

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