Language Settings

(Available for Content and Agentstore components, and IDOL Proxy.)

The Languages tab in the Status page provides information about the language and encoding settings of your IDOL Server, along with language information about the documents in the data index.

Note: Language type is the term for the combination of a language and an encoding.

You can select the amount of detail that is displayed by switching between Languages only and Languages and encodings. When you select Languages only, you can also click [i] beside a language to open the Language Details window, which contains details about the configured language.

The GetStatus action returns this language information. For information about this action, refer to the IDOL Server Reference.

The Languages tab displays the following information.

Licensed languages A comma-separated list of the languages that your license allows your IDOL Server to use.
Configured languages The number of configured languages in IDOL Server (this counts only the languages and not the encodings).
Configured language types The number of configured language types in IDOL Server (a language type consists of both the language and encoding).
Individual language type details
Name The name of the language type. This value is the name given to one encoding for a language, set in the Encodings configuration parameter.
Language The language that applies to this language type. The value is the name of the language configuration section for this language type.
Encoding The encoding that applies to this language type.
Documents The number of documents with this language type.
Sections The number of document sections with this language type.

The pie chart displays the number of indexed documents and document sections in each language (when you select Languages only) or language type (when you select Languages and encodings). Hover over the sections in the pie chart to display this information.

You can also search for all indexed documents in a particular language or language type, or perform a query on documents in a particular language or language type only.

To return all indexed documents in a particular language or language type

To query indexed documents in a particular language only

  1. Click the magnifying glass beside the language or language type.

    The Query tab in the Console page opens and automatically returns all documents in the selected language or language type.

  2. Type your query into the query box, retaining the Action and MatchLanguageType parameters and values. Alternatively, click the down arrow on the right to open the query builder and add parameters using the builder.
  3. Click Query to send the query to the server.

    The server returns documents that fulfil the query criteria and are in the selected language.

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