User Roles

Find user roles control the access that a particular user has to the Find user interface. Each role provides access to a particular set of Find features, and you assign your users to one or more roles that they need to access the features that you want them to use.

Users and roles are stored in the IDOL Community component. Find requires three roles in IDOL Community:


Users must belong to the FindUser role to log in to the application; users with only the FindAdmin or FindBI roles cannot log in.

Create IDOL Community Roles

Find does not automatically create the roles in IDOL Community. You, or your IDOL system administrator, must create these roles.

The following procedure describes how to create the roles directly in IDOL Community.

To create IDOL Community roles

  1. In your web browser, go to http://CommunityHost:CommunityPort/action=admin (where CommunityHost is the IP address or name of the machine on which Community is installed, and CommunityPort is the port that you have installed Community on).

    The IDOL Admin interface for Community opens.

  2. Click Control > Roles.

  3. Click Add Role to create the roles.


You can also use this page in the IDOL Admin interface to assign users to the roles, by selecting a role and clicking Add User.

To manage the users in your system, click Control > Users.