Create Template Files

Find processes templates by using handlebars.js (for more information, see

Each template file must produce HTML output that represents one document.

Find runs the templates with the following Handlebars context:

interface ResultTemplateData {
   reference: string;
   title: string;
   date: string;
   database: string;
   promotionName: string|undefined;
   summary: string; // The highlighted summary, should not be HTML escaped
   url: string|undefined; // URL of the original document or media file
   icon: string; // Icon class based on content type
   similarDocumentsUrl: string|undefined; // URL for linking to the similar documents view, only in result and promotion
   thumbnailSrc: string|undefined, // Source attribute to load the thumbnail in an <img> tag
   age: string; // Internationalised age of the document (e.g. "3 years ago")
   fields: {id: string, values: string[], displayName: string, advanced: boolean}[];

The following table also describes some Find custom helpers that you can use in your templates.

Helper Description
equal A block helper that takes two arguments. The block is printed only if the two arguments are referentially equal.
hasField A block helper that takes one string argument (the field). The block is printed only if the document has a value for the field.
hasFieldValue A block helper that takes two string arguments, the field and the value. The block is printed only if the document contains the specified value in the specified field.
getFieldValue Prints the first value for the specified field.
getFieldValues Prints all values for the specified field. You can optionally add the following parameters:
  • max. The maximum number of values to display. For example, max=2. By default, the helper prints all available values.
  • delimiter. The delimiter to use between field values. For example, delimiter='|'. The default value is ', ' (a comma with a space).
  • ellipsis. The string to use after the final value, when there are more than the specified maximum. For example, ellipsis=', and more.'. The default value is .... You can set ellipsis to '' to turn off the ellipsis.
withField A block helper that executes the block in the context of the given field.
i18n Prints a string from the application internationalization file.

You reference fields in custom helpers by using the field ID (that is, the corresponding key in the fieldsInfo section of the Find configuration file). Document fields are available only if you explicitly reference them in that configuration section.

Example Template

The following template is a simple search result template that displays a thumbnail image for documents that contain a thumbnail field. It also displays the document summary, an Author field, and a link to get similar documents.

    <h1><i class="{{icon}}"></i>{{title}}</h1>
    {{#hasField 'thumbnail'}}
       <img src="{{thumbnail}}"/>
    <p>Author: {{getFieldValue "Author"}}</p>
    <a href="{{similarDocumentsUrl}}">See similar documents</a>