Upgrade Find

To upgrade to Find 11.5 from an earlier version, you must delete your existing configuration file. The configuration files might not be compatible, and if you attempt to run Find with a configuration file from an earlier version, it might have unexpected results.

HPE also recommends that you back up your database for saved searches before you upgrade (that is, copy the data directory in the home directory). During the upgrade process, Find migrates the database to the new version. If you need to revert to the earlier version of Find, you must restore the data directory and configuration file.

To upgrade Find

  1. Back up the data directory in the Find home directory. This directory contains the database file that stores saved search data. The backup is required if you need to revert to the previous version of Find after upgrading.

  2. Back up the config.json file in the Find home directory, to use as a reference.

  3. Delete the config.json file from the home directory.

  4. Run the new Find installer, or replace the .war file in the Find home directory. You must use the same home directory as the installed version of Find.

  5. Follow the installation and setup instructions in Install Find.

    The installer migrates your database to the latest version, and generates a new config.json file for the new


    You can use the backup copy of the config.json file as a reference to specify your configuration settings in the upgraded version.

Revert to a Previous Version of Find

The Find upgrade process modifies the database, and the configuration settings might not be compatible between different versions. If you need to revert to a previous version of Find, you must restore the configuration file and data directory to the earlier version.


Any data that you save after you upgrade Find is lost when you revert to an earlier version.

To revert to a previous version of Find

  1. Uninstall the existing version of Find Administration Guide.
  2. Follow the instructions in Install Find to install the previous version.
  3. Restore the backup copies of config.json and the data directory that you made during the upgrade process to the Find home directory.