Required IDOL Components

Before you install Find, you must install and configure the following IDOL components:

IDOL Content Data Index Requirements

In general, Find does not place restrictions on the data that you store in the IDOL Content component.

However, if you index your data in XML format, you must use <DOCUMENTS><DOCUMENT> as your top level fields, to ensure that Find treats the contents consistently.

IDOL Document Security

You can use IDOL Document Security in Find. In this case, Find requests security information from the IDOL Community component, and uses it to manage your user sessions. The security token contains information about the groups and permissions that the user has, which the IDOL Content component uses to control access to your documents.

For information about how to set up document security in IDOL, refer to the IDOL Document Security Administration Guide.


The IDOL Community security tokens have an expiration time. When the security token expires, the user session in Find ends. The user must log in to Find again to generate a new token.