Install Find as a Service on Linux

Use the following procedure to install Find as a service on Linux.

  1. Create a user and group to run Find. HPE recommends that you use find as both the user name and the group name:

    $ useradd find  
  2. Create a directory in which to install Find. HPE recommends that you use /opt/find as the installation directory:

    $ mkdir /opt/find              
  3. Create a directory to serve as the home directory for Find. HPE recommends that you use /opt/find/home as the home directory:

    $ mkdir /opt/find/home            
  4. Copy find.war to the installation directory:

    $ cp find.war /opt/find/             
  5. Recursively change the ownership of the installation directory:

    $ chown –R find:find /opt/find              
  6. Deploy the startup script.

    System V

    $ cp install/linux/sysv/ /etc/init.d/find
    $ chmod +x /etc/init.d/find
    $update-rc.d find defaults 99


    $ cp install/linux/upstart/find.conf /etc/init/
    $ chmod +x /etc/init/find.conf
  7. If you have used any non-default paths or settings during installation, edit the startup script to contain the corresponding values.
  8. Start the application.

    System V

    $ sudo /etc/init.d/find start


    $ sudo service find start