Run Initial Find Configuration

Use the following procedure to configure Find.

  1. Run Find once without a config.json file in your Find home directory to generate a default file.
  2. Open the generated config.json file in a text editor. Find the generated default user name and password (login.defaultLogin.username and login.defaultLogin.password).

  3. Go to http://FindHost:FindPort, where FindHost is the IP address or name of the machine on which Find is installed, and FindPort is the port that you have installed Find on (for example, 8080).
  4. Log in with the default user name (this is normally set to admin) and password from the configuration file.

    The Settings page opens.

  5. Fill in the details of your backend IDOL servers. Click Test Connection for each server to confirm that the Find server can establish a connection to each server.
  6. Click Save Changes.

    Find is now ready for use.


To return to the Settings page at any time, click the cog in the top right corner of the application, and then click Settings in the list of options.

For more information about configuring Find, see Configure Find.