Configure Statistics Server

Find can optionally use Statistics Server to store statistics about user searches. For example, it tracks statistics about the times users open a source document or preview, and the times a user leaves a search without viewing any results.

By default, Find statistics are not enabled. You can enable statistics by configuring Statistics Server on the Find Settings page. See Run Initial Find Configuration.

In addition, you must use a special configuration file for your Statistics Server, which contains the appropriate statistics definitions for Find. This configuration file is included in the Find ZIP package.


The Find interactive installer does not include the configuration file.

To configure Statistics Server

  1. Open install/statsserver/statsserver-required-config.cfg. This file contains the statistics definitions that the Statistics Server requires.

  2. Copy the definitions from statsserver-required-config.cfg to your Statistics Server configuration file.


    If you want to include extra statistics definitions that are not included in statsserver-required-config.cfg, those extra statistics must have an IDOL name in order for the server to start.

  3. Restart Statistics Server.

For information on how to send statistics to Statistics Server, see the Query Manipulation Server Administration Guide.