Find Dashboards

Dashboards in Find are fully configurable UI pages, which you can use to set up and display the content, search results, and visualizations that you refer to most regularly.

Each dashboard contains one or more widgets, each of which displays a particular set of content, and can be backed by an Find saved search. The standard set of widgets provide a variety of visualizations for your saved searches, as well as static content, images, or videos. For a full list of available widgets, see Widgets.

The widgets that use a saved search display the latest available results for a particular visualization or results list. The widgets are not interactive. However, you can click a particular widget to open the saved search that the widget displays, to view and explore the information in more detail.

You configure dashboards by modifying the dashboards.json configuration file, in the customizations directory of your Find installation home directory.

Dashboards are available only to users with the FindBI user role. You can also optionally restrict individual dashboards to a specific set of roles.

The list of available dashboards is displayed in the Dashboards section of the Find navigation side bar.

You can also access the dashboard directly by using a link of the form FindURL/public/dashboards/DashboardName, where FindURL is the base URL for your Find user interface, and DashboardName is the configured name of the dashboard that you want to display.

The dashboards have a full screen option. In this case, the session continues indefinitely without logging the user out of Find, unless you are using IDOL document security (in which case the session ends when the user security token expires).

Users can also export dashboards to .pptx presentation format, either as a single slide or with each widget on a separate slide.


There are some restrictions for export on certain types of widget. See Dashboard Export Notes.