Configure Session Timeout

By default, a user session can remain idle for one hour before Find terminates it automatically. You can edit this setting by setting the server.session.timeout system property to the number of seconds after which sessions should end. For example, server.session.timeout=7200 sets a session timeout of 2 hours.


The session timeout does not apply when a user opens a dashboard in full screen mode. See Find Dashboards.

To set the session timeout property

If you run Find as a service on Windows, you can also add the same -Dserver.session.timeout argument to the find.xml file.

If you run Find as a service in Linux, you can add the argument to the existing arguments variable in for SysV, or find.conf for Upstart.

When you modify the Find configuration by modifying the XML file or start scripts, you must restart Find to apply your configuration changes.

For more information on installing and running Find as a service on Windows or Linux, see Install Find.


Polling for saved searches counts as user activity, and delays a session timeout for the user. If your polling interval is shorter than your session timeout, the polling causes the session to continue until you close the browser window. See Enable Polling for Saved Searches.