Configure the Log File Locations

By default, Find creates a folder of log files under the home directory. You can configure Find to store these log files in a different location by setting the logging.path property in the java run command.

To change the location of the log files

  1. At the command line, send the java run command with the logging.path argument set to the location where you want to store your log files. For example:

    java -Dlogging.path=[log file directory] -Dhpe.find.home=[home directory] -Dserver.port=[port] -jar find.war
  2. Restart Find to apply your configuration changes.

Find creates the specified directory if it does not exist, as long as the service has the appropriate permissions. It creates the logs directly in the specified directory.

If you run Find as a service on Windows, you can also add the logging.path property to the find.xml file.

If you run Find as a service on Linux, you can modify the FIND_LOGGING_DIR variable in the start scripts ( for SystemV, or find.conf for Upstart).

When you modify the Find configuration by modifying the XML file or start scripts, you must restart Find to apply your configuration changes.