Configure Fields to Show or Hide in Document Previews

You can configure Find to show or hide particular fields in the results list document previews.

In the default Find configuration, the document preview does not show any fields for text documents. For videos, it shows the URL, content type, and transcript (if one exists).

When you expand the preview, the full document display page has a metadata panel. This shows some standard document metadata, such as the title, reference, and date, as well as an automatically generated document summary. By default, it also includes the URL for all documents, and the content type for videos. You can also display any additional IDOL fields associated with the document by clicking Show Advanced.

You can modify your Find configuration to show additional fields in the document previews, or to hide certain fields.


You cannot hide the standard metadata or document summary in the full document display page.

You control the display of fields in the document preview by modifying the fieldsInfo section of the Find configuration file.

To modify the fields that show in the document preview

  1. Go to the Find home directory.

  2. Open config.json in a text editor.

  3. Find or add the fieldsInfo section.

  4. Create a property and definition object for each field that you want to show, or modify an existing one. The following table describes the properties that you can use to modify the field preview display.


    (Array, strings) An array of raw field names that you want to apply the settings to.

    advanced (Boolean) A Boolean value that specifies whether to display this field in the document preview.

    Set advanced to false if you want to display the field as part of the document preview. In this case, the field is displayed in the preview, and also in the metadata section of the document display page when a user expands the preview.

    Set advanced to true to hide the field in the document preview. In this case, the field is available only in the document display page when a user clicks Show Advanced to show all available fields.

    For videos, the document preview always includes the transcript field if there is a transcript (that is, you cannot hide this transcript in the preview).

    displayName (String) The user-friendly display name to use in the Find user interface. For more information, see Configure User-Friendly Names for Fields and Values.
    values (Object) A JSON object to specify a field value and the display value to use for that value. For more information, see Configure User-Friendly Names for Fields and Values.

    For example:

    "fieldsInfo": {
       "previewFields": {
          "names": [ "author", "description" ],
          "advanced": false
       "advancedFields": {
          "names": [ "contenttype" ],
          "advanced": true

    In this example, Find displays the author and description fields in the document preview. It hides the contenttype field, which is then available only in the expanded document display view when a user clicks Show Advanced.

  5. Save the configuration file, and then restart Find to apply your configuration changes.